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Why Alabama?

APC in Alabama

For more than 100 years 山东彩票官网 has acted as a reliable resource for business and a trusted partner in economic development. We helped lay the foundations for industry in Alabama and continue to explore new technologies and innovations in the name of growing our community.

Some facts about APC in Alabama:

  • APC services 1.4 million homes, business and industries in Alabama.

  • 78,000 miles of power lines deliver energy to our customers.

  • Electricity provided uninterrupted for more than 99 percent of the time.

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Join the global corporations who call Alabama home.

Over the years, the state has grown into national leader in manufacturing and industry due to its 聽abundance of available resources, from Alabama鈥檚 plentiful workforce to the natural resources of rivers and streams to world-class transportation infrastructure and economic development incentives. Join the growing list of global corporate clients who make Alabama their home.

Industrial Development

As a major industrial hub of the South, Alabama offers a world-class infrastructure including six interstate highways, 92 airports, 3,700 miles of railroad, 1,300 miles of commercially navigable waterways, and one of the busiest international seaports in the United States. The state also has a business-friendly tax environment with the lowest property taxes in the country and a variety of incentives and programs designed to spur economic development.

Natural Beauty

Alabama is known for its natural beauty, with more than 132,000 miles of streams and rivers. Our state also has the widest variety of plant and animal life in the nation. All corners of Alabama have something to offer, from the lush forests of the southeast to the soft hills of the Appalachian mountains in the north to the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast.


Alabama鈥檚 centralized location in the heart of the south has resulted in a long history of diverse and inspired cultural works that continues to be celebrated to this day. Visual arts are celebrated in museums and galleries across Alabama and cover everything from traditional homemade quilts and folk painters to the avant garde works of up-and-coming artists. Proving that theater is alive and well, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery draws audiences of more than 300,000 people a year. For the modern music lover, there is Birmingham鈥檚 Sloss Music & Arts Festival, featuring national musicians spanning alternative rock to Americana to hip hop.


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