Residential - Your Online Account | 山东彩票官网

Manage your account online

Create an online account with 山东彩票官网 today. You鈥檒l be able to quickly make account changes, track your energy usage and organize your billing history in one easily accessible place.

See your power usage

Get a daily, weekly or monthly summary of your electricity usage. My Power Usage allows you to see what your bill projects to be, before getting it in your email inbox. You can also get alerts when your bill reaches a dollar amount you set, all with an online account.

Stay organized online

Having an online account combined with聽Paperless Billing聽keeps you organized and cuts down on your paper clutter. Keep all your bills in one location for quick access anywhere you go.

Quickly update your account

Your online account makes simple account changes simpler than ever. Start, stop or transfer your service from anywhere; all without having to pick up the phone.

Alert - Exclamation point in triangle

Set up alerts

You can set up payment alerts, get payment options and see your arrangements all in one place.

Report an outage

Quickly report when you lose service so we can restore it as soon as possible.

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